woensdag 28 april 2021

Portrait of a hand

Portrait of a hand

A human hand, a brick wall, stones,
a table cloth, a Quad amplifier

The time photographed while you were working on the selling
of your beloved Quad on ‘Koningsdag', with tears in your eyes.
The hand of the arm which is covered in military green turns on the knob
that gave you so much pleasure in the 100 Watt sound.
The man who repaired it, an elderly alcoholic, who must be dead by now.
Please note that it is placed on a striped table cloth, so that it can vanish softly,
because it (the Quad) is also deceased by this time of the year that the
King became 53, also named 'Prince Pilsener'.

Louis Radstaak
(based on the series in Studio Cheered - de Volkskrant)

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